Macca Lodge restructure

THERE’VE BEEN some big changes at Macca Lodge with the McIntyres deciding to concentrate on their core business, the stud, following trainer Tony Stratford’s departure.

Tony left Macca Lodge at the end of last month and is now training a team of 18 horses at the Gore racecourse.

“Tony decided he wanted a change and to work on his own account,” Macca Lodge co-proprietor Brent McIntyre says.

“With that development, we’ve taken the opportunity to restructure our operation and focus more on the stud,” Brent says. “We’ll basically be returning to what we were doing before Tony came here but we won’t be breaking in as many young horses.”

Tony started at Macca Lodge in the 2014-15 season and trained 23 winners that year, a personal best. In all he had 41 wins while based there.

“We appreciate everything he’s done here and wish him all the best for the future,” Brent says.

One horse Tony has not taken with him to Gore is stable star Pulp Fiction, who has been sold to Australian interests and joined a Queensland stable. He won 12 races and more than $100,000 in stakes.