Could there be a 15th winner?

JUST WHEN you might have thought the record of Panspacificflight’s first New Zealand crop could not possibly be embellished further, another potential winner has popped up.

Bigandme became the 20th qualifier from a crop of just 23 horses when he won at the Balfour trials on 26 November. The six-year-old was nearly seven seconds inside the qualifying time when he posted 2:51.2 for the 2200-metre mobile on the grass track. That followed an impressive win at the workouts the week before.

Should he go on to win on race day, Bigandme would take Panspacificflight’s winner to foal ratio to 65 per cent from his first crop.

Bigandme was bred by Neil Timms from the Presidential Ball mare Alta Biannca, who left another late developer in Jimmy Nga, who won first up for Wyndham trainers Gordon and Colin Lee last season as a six-year-old.